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Wycross has recently expanded.  The new space includes storage for the work of Janice Koenig Ross and the work of Conrad Ross in addition to the many folios published by Wycross Press including the "Welbeing" and the "Printology" series .



Conrad Ross

Press Release: Wycross Press Publishes Collection of Prints and Poetry Satirizing Donald Trump






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W   E   L  B  E  I  N  G      I  N        T  H  E       T  W  E  N  T  Y - F  I  R  S  T      C  E  N  T U  R  Y       ISSN  1530-3659        


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FOLIO I ,    Tides ;

FOLIO II ,     Living ;

FOLIO III ,   Healing ;

FOLIO IV,   Anima .

This series of four folios is called WELBEING.  Eight artist/printmakers and four essayist have had the chance to tackle the question posed to them of "What is well-being in the 21st century anyhow?"  Each folio of nine sheets contains four prints of two artist/printmakers, a three sheet essay on well being,  a progressive woodcut cover and an illustrated colophon.  Begun in 2004 and completed in 2009.  No technique is spared to bring insight to this project.  Click on each WELBEING FOLIO above to take you to the particulars of each folio's contents in the search for WELBEING.




































         FOLIO #1 - FIRST FOLIO

              "The Persistence of Myth"  by 

                         Pam Longobardi

an eight color viscosity print on

Arches Cover Buff


"The Persistence of Myth " and "Deep End 1 " plus an illustrated colophon make up the three sheets in "Folio #1 - the first folio." They are part of a series of ten folios that make up "Printology."

Each Folio for sale ..... $400 plus packing and shipping .




A series of 10 folios , the work of 20 artist/printmakers published from 1990 to   2000 .



The complete set was exhibited in the 

Jule Collins Smith Museum in the summer of  2007, Alabama's only university art museum.                                     


Wycross Press is the only press in Alabama solely devoted to publishing original fine art prints.                                                                 







"Deep End 1" by Hugh Merrill

5 color relief /intaglio / chalk roll print

on Rives BFK Grey












Wycross Press is devoted to experimental printmaking and brings the fine contemprary work being done in print media by the contemporary artist/printmaker to an appreciative audience.  Wycross publishes unique limited-edition multiples and folios.

Owner/artist Conrad Ross brings over six decades of creative experience to the direction of the Press. With over forty solo exhibitons, and 400 juried and invitational shows, and over forty years of lectures and demonstrations as a university professor he is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of artistic integrity at the Press. His discerning eye brings a delightful variety of gifted artists to Wycross editions as well as publishing his own work.

PRINTOLOGY.....A series of ten folios by 20 artist/printmakers published from 1990 to 2000. Each folio contains the work of two artist/printmakers plus an illustrated colophon. Each folio can be purchased from WYCROSS PRESS for $400 plus shipping. A boxed set of ten folios can also be had. Prices on request.

PRINTOLOGY was purchased and exhibited January 2003 by the Wiregrass Museum of Art in Dothan, Alabama. The Museum has prepared PRINTOLOGY as a traveling show. For more information about the PRINTOLOGY TRAVELING  SHOW contact the Wiregrass Museum.

A Printology catalogue, an illustrated catalogue, the work of the 20 artist/printmakers is available for $5.... cash or check to Wycross Press, Box #23ll, Auburn, Alabama 36830. Please include a forwarding address.



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Wycross is an experimental shop in Auburn, Alabama undertaking collaborative projects. Media: relief,litho,intaglio,screen. Assisted workshop is available at $300 daily, all materials provided. Inquire.

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